Visit our Corporate page and learn more about Lifeline Youth and Family Services. Since 1968, Lifeline's staff have been working with young men in the court system. Stories of changed lives, restored hope and healed hearts are why we keep doing what we're doing day in and day out. Our clients inspire and motivate us to never give up the fight.


Fish with the Pros got its start in 1999 when several Lifeline executives were casting about for fundraising ideas. One part time employee 

suggested holding a sort of intensive fishing workshop, featuring prominent fishing pros who would donate their time and gear to the cause.  A short time later, Fish with the Pros was born. 



"Fish with the Pros" are a series of annual fundraising events run by Lifeline Youth & Family Services. The events take place during a weekend in the summer or fall in a variety of different locations. Guests have the opportunity to fish with an expert during the day, experience good food and fellowship at night, and learn more about the mission and ministry of Lifeline.